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"Gorgeon des machurés" liqueur


The name "Gorgeon des Machurés" is a French phrase that can be roughly translated to "Blackened Throat". This unique alcoholic beverage includes a hint of charcoal, and its name is a tribute to the coal miners. In Gaga (a popular language spoken in Saint-Etienne region), "machurés" refers to being blackened or sooty, a nod to the miners who worked in coal mines and were often covered in coal dust. The word "gorgeon" is an old French term for a small sip or drink. Together, the name captures both the essence of the drink and the gritty, hardworking spirit of the miners.


Baptized in honor of Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners, the  Gorgeon des Machurés is a unique creation from “la Brasserie des Plantes”. Inspired by 3 ancient recipes from "la region du Forez", this delightful liqueur captures the essence of the terroir.

Tasting Notes:

  • Head: A lemony, mentholated attack, the signature taste of verbena
  • Heart: Subtle taste of lemony wormwood, bringing a spicy and floral flavour reminiscent of absinthe
  • Base: A woody touch of dandelion root that lingers on the palate


  • Verbena Liqueur
  • Forezienne Aurone liqueur
  • Dandelion liqueur
  • A dash of coal

Tasting Tips:

The Gorgeon des Machurés is best enjoyed as a digestif, well chilled at 3°C. Let yourself be transported by its complex and authentic flavors, and discover the rich heritage of "la région du Forez" with each sip.

Perfect for:

  • Relaxing after a good meal
  • Offering a unique and delicious gift
  • Discovering the unique flavors of the Forézienne terroir
  • but as always, consume in moderation because as we know alcohol consumption harms health.

Taste Gorgeon des Machurés today and be surprised by this exceptional traditional liqueur!

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"Gorgeon des machurés" liqueur
"Gorgeon des machurés" liqueur Sale price38,00 €